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Frédéric Desmottes S.L. owner this Website.


The following document includes the conditions of use of both the website and services of Frédéric Desmottes S.L. («Frédéric Desmottes»). In addition, it is necessary to read our Privacy Policy , where we specify our practices of information management. Within these boxes a brief explanation of the conditions of use is included, which in no way represents a legal contract.

Acceptance of the conditions

Please read, understand and accept the conditions of use («Conditions») before entering or any of its links («el Sites»). Upon entering the site, you are subject to these conditions, that along with our Privacy Policy govern our relationship with you. You may only enter after having read and accepted the conditions.

You will not be able to use our Services unless you have accepted the conditions and Privacy Policy, so please read them carefully.

Description of Hereafter the "Sitio"

1. Description of the website

Frédéric Desmottes (hereafter, the website or webpage) has an informative and not exhaustive purpose. It is aimed at contacts and clients and not at final consumers nor minors.

Access to the website is free except, for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provider contracted by the user.

Company details

Frédéric Desmottes S.L. Trav. Matías Valero, s/n
16330 Landete (Cuenca) España
CIF: B16195034

2. Acceptance of these Conditions

he mere fact that you visit this web site implies that you know, understand and accept the Terms of Use in the existing version at the time of access. Given that, in accordance with the regulations in force at any given time, the Terms may be subject to modification, we recommend that, whenever you visit this web site, you consult these regulations as well as our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy.

3. Purpose of the site. Exclusion of Liability

Through this web site, we supply information on services and/or products which we offer or commercialise. This information is offered exactly as the user sees it and Frédéric Desmottes accepts no responsibility for any possible harm caused by:

The non-existence of information or services and/or products offered, inaccuracy, lack of updating or mistakes in the access to part or all of the contents of this web site or others to which access may be gained through this web site.

The loss of information or harm done to equipment caused by the use of this website or others from which one can access from this one.

4. Use of the website

Use of this web site is under your sole and exclusive responsibility and you accept this fact voluntarily and implicitly when you visit this site.
You also agree not to use any of this website’s contents for illicit purposes or purposes that violate the peace and commonly accepted morals and standards of behaviour. In particular, but in no way, that imply any limitation of what has heretofore been established, you also commit yourself to not obtaining, reproducing or distributing the contents displayed on this web site unless they are for personal, non-lucrative use

5. Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, trade names or logos of any type which appear on the web site are the property of Frédéric Desmottes or third parties and it may not be construed that access to the web site grants you any rights over any trademarks, trade names and/or logos. Furthermore, the contents, which belong to our company or to third parties, are protected by copyright and no operation rights which exist or may exist over them may be construed as being granted to you.

This web site and its contents are protected by the Intellectual Property right laws. They may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, transferred or transformed. Access to this website does not grant users any right or ownership whatsoever over the rights of intellectual or industrial property protecting the content provided by this website.

6. Intellectual Property Rights associated with Images and Audio-visual material

All the photographic and audio-visual material that appear on the website are the property of Frédéric Desmottes and/or Estrella Jover. Access to this website can in no way be understood as conferring any rights on the above- mentioned contents. Furthermore, the contents are the intellectual property of the company Frédéric Desmottes and/or Estrella Jover and it therefore does not imply that you are granted any of the exploitation rights that may exist in the present or in the future, unless otherwise mentioned by the author and as long as there exists no purpose of profit making to be gained from these objects.

This website and the contents that it hosts are protected by the Intellectual Property Rights. They may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, communicated publicly, transferred or transformed unless the name of Frédéric Desmottes and/or Estrella Jover is specifically stated in the material or publication and are done so with his prior consent. The access to this website does not grant the user the rights or the ownership whatsoever over intellectual or industrial property rights that this website holds.

7. Links to third parties

The website may contain links to various web pages operated by other operators of a different nature. The inclusion of such links, are as a matter of courtesy and for your best convenience. Upon interacting with any one of these links these present conditions will cease to be in force, with the “owner” not responsible for the content of third party websites nor their politics of use. If you believe that any of these links is not appropriate, please let us know.

8. Media Information

If you wish to have more information about our current, future or past activities, financial results, interviews with any one of our team members, and or access to professional versions of our logos, please contact:, this email address is being protected against spam bots.

9. Update to the Present Conditions of Use

The present conditions of use may be updated and or modified. Please review the content periodically to confirm the existence of any significant change. If you have any questions regarding these conditions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

10. Applicable Legislation

These conditions of use are in accordance with Spanish law. Frédéric Desmottes and the user will be subject to the Courts of Cuenca for any controversy that may be derived from the service rendering object of the General Conditions of use herein.
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